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What are short-term rentals and are they worth investing in?
// What are short-term rentals (rent-to-rent)

What are short-term rentals and are they worth investing in?

Short-term rentals are rentals of property for a short period of time, usually a few days, a few weeks at most. These rentals are often used by tourists, business travellers or people looking for a temporary stay in the country. Short-term rentals are often done through online platforms that allow property owners to connect with potential tenants. The investment in these short-term rentals consists of renting out the property and then renting it out again for profit. To do this, I will help you acquire a property for short term rental and provide all legal services. Contact me.

// Benefits

Benefits of investing in short-term rentals (rent-to-rent)

One of the main advantages of investing in short-term rentals is the lower initial investment. The return on a “rent to rent” investment is usually within a few months. Short-term rentals offer a good and stable income. Through me, you do not need to know English or travel to England. Everything is taken care of. I can also arrange for you to select an investment property for short term rentals in England, transfer the property into personal ownership, open a bank account, and finalise all legal services. Contact me, buying a property is safe and secure.

Advantages of investing in short-term rentals

What is “rent-to-rent"?

It is a situation where an individual or company, known as a broker (the tenant), rents a property on a long-term basis from its owner (the landlord), who receives a fixed rent from the tenant on a regular basis. The intermediary places short-term tenants (tourists, business travellers, etc.) in the property, who pay the expenses associated with the short-term rental. The difference between the rent collected from the short-term tenants and what the intermediary pays the property owner is then retained by the intermediary.

How to start investing in short term rentals in England
// How to get started?

How to get started investing in short term rentals in England

Investing in short-term rentals abroad is becoming an increasingly popular option for investors looking for steady returns and growth of their capital. This form of investing allows you to take advantage of the growing demand for short-term rentals while offering benefits such as portfolio diversification and passive income. The UK offers a number of opportunities to invest in short term rentals. Most clients are concerned about the unknown. However, I can assure you that investing in short term rentals is not complicated. You don’t need to know English or travel to England, and I will take care of everything. Do not hesitate to contact me.

The first step to a successful investment in short term rentals in England

With several years in the property market, I’ve assisted clients in crafting prosperous, varied portfolios. Reach out for an obligation-free consultation, and I’ll ensure a reliable and risk-free property purchase in England for your short-term rental venture.

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